Rigidity - For High Accuracy
Strength - For Heavy Duty Cutting
Advance - For Outstanding Performance

Power Transmission To Spindle, Through Integral Gearbox
The spindle is mounted in a strong and well ribbed headstock. The 150mm diameter spindle has a A2-11 spindle nose and is supported in double roller and angular contact bearings. The spindle is grease lubricated.

Indexing Turret
The Vturn-46 employs a heavy duty 10-station indexing turret with random access to any tool in either direction.

The turret is designed to accept 32mm square shank tooling and 60mm diameter boring bars, with the flexibility to install them in any station.

Turret indexing time station to station is 1.2 seconds, and the clamping force of the turret is 10000 kgs/cm2 High speed and accurate positioning with rapid traverses:
X-Axis 12 meters/minute
Z-Axis 15 meters/minute

To maintain stability on the spindle during heavy, high speed cutting, the spindle has a dedicated cooling system which absorbs heat and reduces thermal growth.

Turret Rigidity Analysis
Throughout the computer aided testing (CAT) and computer aided engineering (CAE) simulating cutting process with various specifications, the vibration, deformation of the tools and turret during process can therefore be recognized.
Moreover, in terms of these results, the turret rigidity has been reinforced accordingly, to widely accept various cutting range and material.


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