Ve Series--Win You Unassailable Position In Nowadays Market

On machinery and your people, tight production schedules, squeezed profit margins and stringent quality standards place greater demands than ever.

To help you compete and win, we offer you Ve Series precision-built injection moulding machines based on ISO 9001 certificate and a global sales/service organization.

Power Injection Unit
Nitrided screw and barrel, wear-resistant screw tip, high injection volumes and plasticizing capacities at high injection speed, capable of profile injection with up to five pressure speeds and distance settings, variable control of back pressure, shot repeatability extremely accurate. It all adds up to a unit that will stay the course, giving consistently high quality and output -- with a wide range of materials - and with the most complex moulds.


  • Nitrided screw and barrel and a wear-resistant screw tip assembly.
  • Three optional screw diameter available for customer's choice.
  • Closed loop temperature control of barrel.
  • 4 stage holding pressure control.
  • 5 stage injection speed control.
  • Variable back pressure control.
  • Adjustable injection stroke and carriage movement.
  • Adjustable on intrusion times.
  • Adjustable overall injection time.
  • Other adjustments include: barrel temperature; screw position at changeover to holding stage; cushion value at end of injection stage.
  • Cushion monitoring by linear transducers.
  • Screw driven by high torque variable speed radial piston motor.
  • Unit pivots for easy access to screw and barrel.


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